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UCSD Bhalus (official website)

UCSD Song (Lyrics: Phantom, Guitar & Vocals: Anup, Tabla: Aditya Vadrevu)

Other recordings (With Paresh Band) -

Gangster(Lyrics: Anupam, Rhythm & Vocals: Anup, Lead Guitar: Anupam, Drums: Auto Digital)

Khush hu mein (Lyrics: Anupam, Guitar & Vocals: Anup, Bass: Anupam, Drums: Anukool Gandhi)



I listen to lot of rock and little bit of Hindi music. Few of my favorite bands -

GnR, Metallica, IRON MAIDEN, Staind, Slipknot, Korn, Blink 182, Dire Straits, American Hi-Fi, Def Lepard, Oasis, Train, Travis, Sepeltura, Megadeth, CREED, Manson, Prodigy, 3 doors down, Nirvana, Eagles, Beatles, ABBA, Pink Floyd, Rage against the machine, System of down, Joe Satriani , Bon Jovi, Crossfade, AC/DC, GODSMACK ..yeah baby, POD, Puddle of Mud, Drowning pool, Disturbed, Scorpions, Chemical Bros., Prodigy,Fat Boy Slim, Deep Purple, Nickelback, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Anthrax, The Doors, Queen, Pantera, Ozzy etc...etc...


Origami Mitra website


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