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About Me

It started at the age of 4 and crystallized in a couple of years. I had a passion for a Japanese art called Origami which involves creating models out of a square paper by folding it several times. I had my first exhibition of about 700 crafted models at the age of 7. My love for Origami also got me involved in taking workshops for many aspiring students and teachers from all over India, and till date have taught more than 10000 students.  Being a young starter in this art, I received several compliments from Origami organizations all over the world saying I was the youngest Origamist ! You can find more details about Origami inside my hobbies section.


The skills in origami helped me in understanding dimension and proportion and developed his interest in 3D animations and designing in computers.

Subsequently this developed into skills in basic software design and networking, making me World's youngest MCDBA, MCSD, MCSE at the age of 14.

I was fortunate to receive hand written compliments from Bill Gates (image below), Azim Premji, President of India, Prime Minister etc.. on this achievement.

I did my 10th grade from Loyola High School, Pune and then completed my 12th Science from Fergusson College, Pune.

My passion to innovate got me into establishing a private company named  TechnoKarma at the age of 16,employing myself and four other computer engineers working with a dream to come up with a unique product. As I decided to continue my formal education, the product launch took a setback.

After completing my 12th I was given a special chance to study at International Institute of Information Technology ,Pune (www.isquareit.ac.in) where I did my research in High Performance Computing along with Masters of Science in Networking and Telecom. I had a great time learning at IIIT as it was a different path I had decided to take where as all my friends at IIIT were 4-8 years older to me :-). After working in Qualcomm for 1 year I joined University of California, San Diego for my PhD.

Click here to get my detailed resume (PDF).

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